Hull Auto Sir Arthur Atkinson Cup Trial

Results from the Hull Auto Club Sir Arthur Atkinson Cup Trial held at the great venue of Hollins Farm in Rosedale, where Adam Milner made a rare appearance to take the trophy.

During setting out the trial in the previous week, the land was extremely dry and although we had some serious rain at Rosedale before this weekend, it did not make much impact on parking or the sections although the sections did get more slippery as the trial progressed. 

The hospitality of the Dring family was tremendous, not only did Alan strim half the farm, and  stone part of the track, the course checking team were provided with pre-trial bacon butties, before Sam & Alan operated a taxi service for observers down the fields to the sections, where Sam observed. After the event they helped sort the flags and provided a barbeque afterwards!   

Thanks to all observers and riders for supporting the event, and we hope to see you at our next OPEN, all classes trial at Wether Hill Farm, Farndale on Sunday 1st September. This uses part of the land from our Farndale West-side 2 lap trial from April and has a good variation of sections.  Full details will be on this site shortly.

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Jim Austermuhle

Gen Sec

Hull Auto Club