2019 Travers Trophy Trial

Many classic one-day nationals using the public highways and offering a single lap of 40 sections have disappeared over the years. There are many reasons for these losses; local opposition, the loss of land, poor rider attendance and a reduction in the enthusiasm of the clubs running such events.

Fortunately one trial that looked as if it would at one time be heading down such a road was the Travers Trial, but in recent years it has enjoyed a revival under the auspices of the Newcastle Club, thanks in part to a change of start location, an enthusiastic group of organisers, access to some new land as well as very little loss of land traditionally used and an enthusiastic but low key sponsor.

In addition, the Travers has been part of the ACU’s S3 Parts Championship, a series that is generally well supported as it is aimed at the good experts/clubmen rather than those who chase British, European and World success. In fact, the Travers and the S3 series is firmly intended to be ridden by the salt of the earth trials riders who want a good day’s sport without the pressure of having to perform to satisfy sponsor demands.

Once again, this year’s Travers brings to a close the S3 series and starts from the pub at Allenheads which provides a great start point with plenty of the essentials – parking and food. Also, this year there are some new groups of sections which have added a few miles to the route length, which means that some of the less popular groups have been omitted, though the club are at pains to point out that all the Travers favourites remain. As further incentive, for the first time there will be financial rewards on offer with the top three placings over each course receiving TrialandEnduroDirect vouchers to the value of £100, £50 and £25, so make this Northumberland classic a trial to kick off a winter of sport.

The date of this year’s trial is September 22 with entries now available. The regulations state that the event will be over a single 40 mile lap with 40 sections and there are two routes, one for the S3 Expert class contenders and easier versions for the S3 Clubman participants.

Entries close on September 14 and can be made via online or via the secretary, John Hutchinson, 21 Station Road, Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 8AP, 07867 791205, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..