Manchester 17 MCC Bank Holiday Dead Easy Trial

manchester17What a contrast to the last Dead Easy Trial held in July. Blazing sunshine and clear blue skies greeted the sixty eight solos and five sidecars who turned out to do battle on Bank Holiday Monday with Wheston House Farm providing a superb venue for a Dead Easy Trial. The sections were all located on a series of old limestone workings and grassy banks, with a few rocks just to add interest.

Four laps of nine sections was the order of the day and due to the intense heat nobody hung around, cracking on to get home to the Barbecue. The sidecars had their usual mix of some sections shared with the solos, and some sidecar only. This works well and judging by the merry banter and leg pulls they had a really good time, riding round together as a group. Newcomer to this branch of the sport Toby Eyre with Kiri in the chair had another excellent ride taking the win on the hard route with a clean ride, on a tricky course.

As for the solos, unsurprisingly given the bone dry nature of the ground, there were an abundance of clean rides on both routes. This however did not spoil the enjoyment judging by the smiles all round at the end and the comments. And this is exactly what these Dead Easy Trials are all about.

Report: Roger Townsend 

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