Oxford Ixion Norton Trophy and Ivan Davis Cup

oxford ixion mccReport Ken O'Brien

Fine weather greeted a host of riders from many different Centres to contest the Norton Trophy for best Pre 65 machine on the eased course and the Ivan Davis Cup a Novice event with the best adult performance on the standard yellow route taking the pot.

Four laps of ten sections were plotted with hazards ranging from ditch crossings long climbs and muddy slots.

Time was of the essence though as an amber flood weather warning had been issued by the met office and was due at 1 o'clock.

Best Pre 65 and Norton Trophy went to Nick James 250 DOT with a sprinkling of dabs totting up to eight.

Section six Axfords Gulley was harder than it looked but Nick's fifty odd years of Trials experience shone though with four excellent cleans.

Ixion veteran Gordon Pusey 250 Beta turned back the clock to record a clean card on the white route with Paul Mealer 350 Bultaco losing five marks.

Paul taking a couple of steadying dabs at section four a fierce climb from the bottom field then a sharp downhill turn before rising again to the summit.

Brian Tomkins 250 beta lost 17 on this tricky but fair course to take the Ivan Davis silverware.

Section nine was tough today a five yard ditch crossing with a selection of lines each one changing rapidly as the bikes tore the bank away, a quick look every lap was essential Brian had a 5 here on his third lap but not much else troubled him and rode well for a comfortable win.

Alan Taylor was runner-up on the Beta parting with 23 on the middle route although machine gremlins did not help his cause in his quest for glory.

Alan won the second ever Ivan Davis back in 1980.

Section five a drop into a wooded glen with a few turns over exposed roots before a slick left handed turn up over a lace of roots then into a bog this long value for money section never troubled Alan at all.

 A handful of Experts turned out for a fairly demanding hard route with Midland Centre champion Stephen Harris 300 Mont taking the spoils with a loss of ten.

Section three was tough Steve cleaned it only once this steep sandy climb with a series of slick cambers that broke away if you weren't inch perfect.

Norton Cup Nick James 250 DOT 8


Eased White Course.                             Gordon Pusey                                 250 Beta                                        0
                                                               Paul Mealer                                     350 Bultaco                                    5
                                                               Jason Farthers                                300 Gasser                                   10

Yellow Middle Route

Ivan Davis Cup                                       Brian Tomkins                                   250 Beta                                     17
                                                               Alan Taylor                                        250 Beta                                      23
                                                              Tony Brabazon                                   250 Beta                                      30

Expert                                                    Steve Harris                                       300 Mont                                     10
Inter                                                       Ryan Tomkins                                    300 Beta                                      15