Yorkshire Classic MCC Pre-Unit Championship Round 9

yorkshire classic mccYorkshire Classic’s Final Pre-Unit trial had taken some organising. With Deepcliffe Farm not being available, Rob Lowther had to chase round to find an alternative and thankfully we were able to use Jericho, where he and Colin Pawson had laid out 10 excellent sections for the 23 riders to enjoy.

With the heavy rains, the rocky stream sections were in deep water and hence the bankings came into use for most sections. As the Championship places were already decided, the Pre-Unit riders could relax and enjoy their day.

Starting on the hillside, sections 1,2 and 3 did not cause many problems, apart from Section 2, a gentle downhill start and return up the wall side with tight turn to finish which caught both Gary Ferriman (TRW) and Neil Anderton (James) as the grassy track turned to mud.

Section 5, with its steep drop into the stream and up between rocks on the other bank caught all but Dave White and eventual Pre-Unit Winner, Ben Butterworth (Ariel), who was enjoying a ride out with the Pre-65 gang and managed to stay clean all day.

In the Non Competitive class, Tony Calvert matched Ben Butterworth with a clean ride, followed by Steve Thomas on 3, losing his marks on Sections 7 and 9. Dave Wilkinson cleaned every Section apart from 7, losing 4 marks here.

With snow on the hills surrounding the Venue and a forecast of more, which no doubt affected the entry, the day remained sunny and our thanks go to the Landowner, Observers, Barry for results and photos, and Clerks of Course for an excellent day’s sport.