Scunthorpe MCC Bennett Cup Trial

The 2019 Scunthorpe MCC Bennett Cup Trial was held on Boxing Day at KORC with a entry on 60 despite the muddy conditions.

The Hard route turned out to be harder than anticipated but it was Roman Kyrnyckj that came out on top loosing 28 marks which 19 of them was on section 7 which was a big rock step. then it was Trials Des Nations Female rider Donna Fox on 31 marks but if she had got section 7 a few more times would of won.

The Middle Route turned out to be easy than expected but was won by Craig Ridley on 0 marks lost but very closely followed by Glyn Ridley and Dale Whittaker on 1 Mark lost.

The White Route was won by joint winners Sophie White and John Hamblin on 0 marks lost.

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