Staffordshire Moorlands MCC

The Staffordshire Moorlands first trial of the new season was held at Buttyfold Farm, Upper Hulme on Sunday. The weather had a big part to play as recent storms and heavy overnight rain made the course almost impossible. Emergency action by club officials on the morning of the event eventually allowed the trial to take place with a shortened format.

 Even so, the course was extremely difficult and congratulations to all the riders who made it to the finish and to the staunch observers who manned every section.

Special thanks to the landowner, Jeff Day, without whose help and assistance to use his farmyard as a parking area the event would not have taken place.

An entry of fifty riders braved the conditions and the Brightmore brothers dominated the Expert route competitors, Mitch gaining the advantage over Ashton, with Tom Shepherd and Harry Bowyer close behind.

Darren Jones steered his TRS to a narrow victory in the 50/50 class, leading home runner up  Jack Harris, followed by  Tom Bennett and Tom Hanks.

The medium route result was a victory for Mark Hawkins who finished 10 marks ahead of Matt Treweek with Keith Burgess on his air cooled Yamaha in third.

The clubmans route scores were more in keeping with what we are used to resulting in a win for Nick Stott who held off Phil Critchlow, Alistair Rowe and Ken Roberts.




Mitch Brightmore                         Gas Gas                                                         12 marks lost

Ashton Brightmore                       Gas Gas                                                         38

Tom Shepherd                               Gas Gas                                                         68

Harry Bowyer                                 Gas Gas                                                         69

Gary Huxley                                    Beta                                                               83

Jake Jones                                      Beta                                                               149


50/50 ROUTE

Darren Jones                                  TRS                                                                 64

Tom Bennett                                  TRS                                                                 67

Tom Hanks                                     Gas Gas                                                         71

Liam Atkinson                                Beta                                                               84



Mark Hawkins                               Montesa                                                       47

Matt Treweek                                Beta                                                               57

Keith Burgess                                 Yamaha                                                         90

Neil Jackson                                   Gas Gas                                                         98

Steve Hitchcock                             Honda                                                           105



Nick Stott                                       Gas Gas                                                         16

Phil Critchlow                                Gas Gas                                                         22

Alistair Rowe                                 Beta                                                               28

Ken Roberts                                   Gas Gas                                                         29

Zack Johnson                                 TRS                                                                 30