Middle-England CVC (M-ECVC) LDT Oct. 2021


Middle-England CVC (M-ECVC) LDT October 2021


Everyone says the results are not important, taking part and having a good day is the number one priority. However, the M-ECVC website receives more hits on the days that results are published than any other.
Several clean runs, but North Eastern Centre rider Colin Battensby, on a 40 yr old Suzuki DR400, who also claims “I’m not competitive, its just a good day out (look at his Special Test time)”, takes top spot in the B Class (twinshocks). He also out performed the more modern bikes and younger riders in the C and Guest classes.
Phil Sanders, Yamaha Serow, took the C Class, (Monoshock) and Derek Mcbeth, Husqvarna 250 the Guest Class (Almost any bike that doesn’t meet B & C requirements).

Surprisingly, Section 5 took most marks, due to the fact Graham Lampkin when setting up, put a zig zag at the top. In previous events, when the track was rougher, it was a straight climb.
The next was Section 7, due to high results in previous events we made it wider and allowed rider’s to walk it before ridng, it helped but still caught many out.

With so many low scores, some may think that LDT sections are too easy, but the aim is to set a challenge without damaging any person or bike and that was achieved. I can also add, for anyone who hasn’t ridden a clean day, no matter how good you are, certain parts of the body start twitching when you get to the last couple of sections.

Thanks to all, Landowners, Helpers, Riders and those that we left at home looking after the dog etc.