Banovallum Dick Woolsey Trial


In the sunny Lincolnshire wolds Banovallum Mcc held The Dick Woolsey Trial at Withcall near Louth.

40 riders turned out to attack the sections set and on the Expert route Donna Fox(27) took the title with Ben Butler(47) in second and his dad Mark(80) in third. 

Alex Woodhouse(2) had 1st place on the Middle route, Alex Murchison(6) in 2nd and Daniel Ledgerwood(9) in third spot. 

Dave Hamblin(14) and Steve Marwood(14) tied for 1st place on the 50/50 route but Dave had more cleans so he took top spot and Paul Woodhouse(17) as third.

On the White route Ian Bruntlett(10) took 1st place with Nick Neave(14) in second and Eddie Yardley(16) in 3rd.

We would like to thank everyone for attending and special thanks go to the observers and course plotters for the help as always. Thanks to the landowner for the use of the land. 

Our next trial is on Sunday 7th November at North Ormsby.

Entries are via the Acu Website.