2012 FIM X-Trial Championship Round Seven

Late last week Jack Challoner was invited to compete the final round of the 2012 FIM X-Trial World Championships in Paris as a guest rider.  Challoner who has had only one ride in the 2012 season, in the Geneva leg of the Championship, was unable to maintain the brilliant position he set out in the 2011 championship where he finished in 6th position. Meanwhile at the top of the podium stood a triumphant Toni Bou who sensationally won every round of the 2012 season, dominating once again in Paris.

Jack's efforts in the final round of the championship didn't go unnoticed, after a number of brilliant rides early on in the night secured the support of the crowd.  With the passionate French crowds cheering the Halifax born rider on, Challoner desperately battled for one of the six places in the semi-finals, but after three maximum marks on the five qualification lap, he was left to battle against the only other British rider for 8th and 9th positions.


In the "against the clock" tie breaker, the Top Trial Team front man was selected to go first and set the pace.  Challoner tacked the tough section in tremendous style, making a big jump out of the section to set his time, unfortunately for Jack this was beaten narrowly by fellow Yorkshire contender, Michael Brown (Gas Gas).

Talking about the event Jack reflects on the championship too, "I'm gutted I didn't manage to secure a ride in the full championship, but I didn't finish high enough up the leader board in the Outdoor Championships to warrant a full time ride.  I love riding the X-Trial, the indoor sections are challenging in a different way, but a great way of getting people close up to the sport. 

"When I got the ride tonight I was so happy, and I'm disappointed that I didn't manage to amplify the opportunity into a decent finish.  The sections were really good tonight, and great for the crowd. Having not ridden this type of sections for a while, it took a lot of getting into, and you don't have time to adjust at this level in the sport."

"I'm really looking forward to the start of the 2012 FIM Outdoor World Championships, i've been training hard over winter and hope to make a decent attack on the top 6 to return to the X-Trial in 2012."