2013 X-Trial Championship Round 2

montesa-hrc-logoToni Bou (Montesa Cota 4RT) won the 36th edition of the Indoor Trial of Barcelona, second event in the FIM X-Trial World Championship. The Montesa rider obtained his seventh victory in the Palau Sant Jordi, of which the last five have been consecutive. Increasing his advantage as championship leader to 19 points and aspiring to what could be his seventh title, all consecutive. Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa Cota 4RT) obtained a magnificent result for the team coming in third.

Toni Bou won all three phases of the event. He obtained no points at all in the qualifying lap and ended the semi-final with five, to which he added another two in the final, due to excess time. Takahisa Fujinami improved his performance after a start in which the pressure to perform well in this event affected him. The Japanese rider obtained 21 points in the qualifying lap and seven in the semi-final, being in a position to win the second place up to the last moment.

Toni Bou: “This is always a special event where you have to put everything you can into it and in which victory has a special flavour. I dedicate today's victory to Antonio Moreno, the father of a life-long friend of mine who is going through a difficult time. Despite the final difference in points, it hasn't been an easy victory. The semi-final has been very close and I knew I couldn't afford any mistakes in the final phase. We're having a good streak of luck, but we mustn't be too complacent”.


Takahisa Fujinami: “I was looking forward to this result, for the team as well as for myself. We all know how important this event is, attended by spectators from my country this time. I felt nervous in the qualifying lap, as the zones were the typical zero or five-point zones. But everything changed once I was in the semi-final, performing better and better, I enjoyed myself and I think the spectators did too”.