Repsol Montesa Marseille Report

montesa-hrc-logoToni Bou (Montesa Cota 4RT) increased lead in the XTrial World Championship to 13 points after winning an exciting final in the second scoring event, held in the Marseille Sports Palace. The Montesa pilot obtained his victory number 38 (The last 23 consecutive) in the 58 events he has participated in up to now in this championship, having won the championship title for the last seven years.

Toni Bou dominated the three stages of the Marseille Indoor Trial, with 5 points in the qualifying lap and 1 in the semi-final. The definitive results were established in the first of the four zones in the final, which the plurichampion  passed with 3 points (One for excess time) while the section was impossible for the rest of the finalists. Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa Cota 4RT) was out of this final after coming in fifth in the qualifying lap (19 points) and sixth in the semi-final (16 points).

Toni Bou: “We've seen again in Marseille that this year the finals, with only four zones and the counters set to zero points, will be very close. Here we found zones that were very technical and a rival -Adam- who made me suffer to the very end. I felt at ease on the bike in very complicated zones and that's important, as much as my 13-point lead after two events in such a short championship”.

Takahisa Fujinami: “More than the result, what I value is how my right knees continues improving after breaking the ligaments about three months ago. I felt tense in this event, lacking balance at certain times, but the main problem was not being able to finish in the second and fourth zones of the semi-final. When there are only four zones and you can't finish in two of them, it's impossible to recover”.

The third X-Trial World Championship event will take place on February 9th in the Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona.