Shirty's Say On Sheffield 2015

michael brown gas gas sheffieldThe event at Sheffield this weekend was again superb so congratulations to the organisers. There were no big suprises and the results were as expected with Toni winning.


Factory GG rider Adam Raga looked very good and was unlucky to five the Mertrux boxes in the final on the last step after doing the hardest part of the section with ease gifting second place to Cabestany.


No1 JST GGUK rider Michael Brown certainly did not disgrace himself finishing just behind British Champ James Dabill with neither qualifying for the final. Michael was out first with Eddie Karlson and set off well with a solid clean on the opening section, looking sharp and was certainly well up for it. He was very close on all the steps he failed on and I can tell he has been working on this over the past month. Shaughan Galway is back as Michael’s very vocal minder and encouraged him all the way.


This is the only WTC Xtrial indoor Michael is riding this year so he now will concentrate on ‘outdoor’ practice through the winter.