2013 UK World Round

Tapico logo newhe 2013 UK World Trial organisers and the Lakes Grass Track Racing Club are pleased to announce the youth trial format for the competition at this year's upcoming Apico sponsored British Trial Grand Prix. We learned a lot from last year’s events and this year we are going to improve on the spectacle and the atmosphere. Both youth trials will take place behind the factory trucks in an arena with manmade obstacles with the C&D Trial taking place at 5.30pm on Friday 27th July and the E-Trial on Saturday at 5.30pm. World trial organizer John Kerwin said "I think the move to an arena trial will provide a great atmosphere and make it something special for the youth riders."


Entries for both events are pre entry and entry forms will be on www.lakesgrasstrackracingclub.co.uk and here on Trials Central from Friday 12 April. Early entry for both events is advised as the entry limit of 45 riders per event was easily reached last year. For information regarding the youth trials contact Anthony Hayhurst on 07718768948.


Planning for the World Trial is well under way. Section designer, Graham Jarvis has now made several visits to the venue and is confident that allowing for the rule changes to no-stop the Trial will be as spectacular as ever and has one very special section up his sleeve


Discounted world trial tickets are still available along with campsite space. Tickets can be booked online at www.worldtrialuk.co.uk  or phone 07557665647