Gas Gas Team look forward to Italy

raga andorraAMENDED INFO: Michael Brown WILL ride in Italy this weekend.


Coming into the Italian GP, the first of three races in July, Gas Gas rider Adam Raga is second in the provisional World Championship standings and Jorge Casales is the leader in the Junior category.


The action of the Trial World Championship returns this weekend. The Italian Grand Prix will be held in the town of Barzio, in the Lombardia region. This race is the start of the finals of the championship. This July there are three GP races: Italy, The Czech Republic, and Great Britain. As in the past seven years, after the August breake the final round of the season will take place in France.


Adam Raga is currently ranked second in the standings, just two points behind leader Toni Bou. The Gas Gas rider has won three races this season, while being classified in second position in most of the remaining rounds. On the second day of the Japan GP, he was off the podium and received the worst result so far in this season.


The Uldecona rider is confident about continuing on his good run this season, where he has been reunited with victory. In addition, Raga was victorious in the previous round held at Barzio in 2009.

The Moto Club Monza, responsible for the organization of this race, has designed a total of 12 sections over a distance of eight kilometers, each of which will be ridden three times.  Observers are expected to be strict. On Saturday there will be a round of the European Trial Championship.


casales andorraAnother rider in the Official Gas Gas team has high hopes for this weekend. Italian, Matteo Grattarola, who obtained an excellent result in the Spanish round two weeks ago, finishing in a superb fifth place. Grattarola will not only try to repeat but to improve his position. The French rider Loris Gubian also aims to improve his position, whilst the Catalan Pere Borrellas must continue to learn in this league of champions.


Meanwhile, the rider Jorge Casales, one of the best of the Gas Gas School of Champions program is willing to continue to defend his lead in the in the Junior category. Casales expects these zones to suit his style of riding and to keep his standing in the class. Another Gas Gas rider in Junior is Francesc Moret, who won in the United States and is keeping his options open to finish at the top of this disputed category.

Championship Standings

World Pro

1. Toni Bou, 126 points

2. Adam Raga (Gas Gas), 124
3. Takahisa Fujinami, 94
4. Albert Cabestany, 94
5. Jeroni Fajardo, 89
7. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas), 48
8. Loris Gubian (Gas Gas), 40
12. Michael Brown (Gas Gas), 24
14. Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas), 15 points


1. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas), 108 points 

2. Jack Sheppard, 104
3. Francesc Moret (Gas Gas), 101
4. Pol Tarrés, 100
5. Cédric Tempier, 82
11. Kyle Middleton (Gas Gas), 30 points