Italy Tough for Challoner

jack challoner italyThis weekend the fifth round of the World trial championship took place in Barzio, Italy. After a disappointing race last weekend at the Italian Championship, Top Trial Team/Tr1al rider Jack Challoner was set to get a good result at the World trial championship round.

But yet again disaster struck for Challoner, who suffered a crash on thursday during practice and re-injured his ankle. Having so much time off the bike and the injury definitely took its toll, especially with the hard and big sections in Barzio! Challoner eventually finished in a, well below his standards, 13th place.

Challoner said after the race: "Yesterday was a disaster for me! I had another crash on Thursday when I was practicing and landed badly on my ankle again so I was struggling with that. There were some hard sections and certainly some big stuff to attack which was nice... Making the Top Trial Team Beta sing! But again having so much time off the bike took its toll. I will have more physio this week and I hope for a better result in the Czech republic next weekend..."

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