Challoner Struggles At Penrith

Ztc 8064Last weekend the World trial championship series continued in Penrith, Great Britain. Although being extra motivated to perform in front of his home crowd, Tr1al/Top Trial Team rider Jack Challoner had some difficulties to live up to his expectations. He felt to be riding quite good on both days and took home an 8th place finish on sunday. However some bad luck and a couple of bad fives resulted in an 11th place on saturday, preventing him from a decent overall finish.

Read Challoner's reaction about the race: "I really enjoyed the trial at the weekend. I felt to be riding quite good both days even though I finished eleventh on saturday... I had a bit of bad luck and a few bad fives. Eight place on sunday is my best result so far of the season. Though I was hoping for better it felt good to be somewhere near! Massive thanks to Dan Hemingway for minding and Zacca for second minder!" 

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