The Gas Gas View From Spain

Dsc 0121Michael BrownThe last WTC of the year was in northern Spain this past weekend and Team JSTGGUK riders struggled. Conditions were hot and dusty and surprisingly slippery which was catching riders out.


JST Teamsters Michael Brown and Alexz Wigg both struggled and both lost time on the crazy first day where there was nowhere near enough time because of a long course, long sections and also the Womens WTC on the same day so queuing was an issue. Michael lost 22 minutes on time on the Saturday resulting in 11th place behind his pal James Dabill. Michael dropped to 13th on Sunday and finished the Championship in 11th position for the year. A disappointing WTC season for Michael this year and his immediate Team.


Alexz was more aware of the time being tight and rushed around to lose only 3 on time but finished in 13th position on both days resulting in 12th position for the year only 3 points behind Michael. Alexz has given 100% this year and im pleased with his efforts.


Dan Peace was in at the deep end in his first WTC event on a 300cc and in the World Cup Class. He finished in 22nd place losing 20 on time on Saturday and 27th on Sunday…..a very steep learning curve for Dan who will return home very keen to get out training on the 300..


JST GG girl Katy Sunter hated the conditions with no traditional streams in sight and finished 10th on Saturday and 9th on Sunday.


All in all a tough weekend for the JST Team this weekend but the championship is over now and the riders must move on and graft for the remaining events of the year with TDN this weekend, the last BTC rounds and the Scott Trial etc.


I must congratulate Toni Bou and Montesa for their 8th world title and also to Adam Raga who has put up a real fight for Toni all year and has given 100%. Adam is very happy with his Team this year and im pleased he has just agreed terms for the next 3 years.