Alexandre Ferrer On Hopes For Home Trial

alexandre ferrer andon trial preview 1Alex Ferrer – Sherco is searching for improvement in his form as he heads to his home round of the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship in Andon, France this coming weekend. After a strong showing in the 2015 FIM X-Trial World Championship earlier in the year, when the now twenty-five-year-old placed fifth in the final rankings, many predicted that his increased level would carry forward to the outdoor series too. However four rounds into the more traditional campaign and France’s lone representative in the World Pro category has yet to shine as promised.


Alex ended the 2014 FIM Trial World Championship ranked eighth in the general standings and with a career best sixth spot at the final round of the series in Spain. Fast forward to this season and the Sherco teamster finds himself stuck in eighth position in the points table and with three eighth places, one in Sweden and two in Great Britain, as his best results for the outdoor season to date. Eleventh spot on the second day of the Swedish Grand Prix rates as his worst individual showing thus far, and some Alex will want to forget as he looks forward to the boost of performing in front of his home fans will hopefully provide. 


“Andon is a place I know well as it is near my house, so I am looking forward to the French Trial GP. So far this season my results have not been good, but I hope I can change things this weekend. It has been some time since I competed at the venue, we had a French championship event there when I first started riding, but I can still remember the big boulders, which should suit me well I hope. It is a great place in the mountains, very beautiful and somewhere I like very much.”


“Your home GP is always important, for all riders I think and I don’t feel too much pressure, but I really want to do my best for my sponsors, fans, friends and family who will be there to support me.”


“I am certainly not happy with my outdoor results so far, but I don’t exactly know what the problem has been. I have some trouble with my back and alexandre ferrer andon trial preview 2don’t feel perfect on the bike, but I am not sure if this is the biggest problem.”


“Just before the last round of the X-Trial championship I damaged my back. I didn’t crash, I just seemed to pull it in a strange way and since then I have been working and fighting to cure the problem. It is not a massive problem, but it is there and it does not help with my strength on the bike sometimes.”


“For sure I am still not 100% recovered. It is disappointing as I made a lot of training in Spain at the start of the year and I was really happy with my level especially during the X-Trial season. Now I need to work again to regain the same level that I had before.”


“The last Trial GPs in the Czech Republic and Sweden have been different events. Normally I don’t like the mud, but on the first day in Sweden I rode well and was close to the top six. Then the second day was a disaster, the sections in France this weekend should be better for me I hope.”


“Now I am alone in the World Pro class, but I hope in the future some of the top young French riders will join me. For this weekend I must do my best for France on my own.”