Trials for Everybody DVD

New trials training techniques DVD, in English, with 1hr 20min of trials lessons from Alexandra Dissey and Yannick Marpinard

Two professional instructors give you advice on how to progress quickly. From beginners to competitors, everybody will learn something! Each technique is shown with an easy to follow method.


This highly-praised DVD comprises of the following lessons:


1- Balance
2- Basic turns
3- Lifting front wheel
4- Steps
5- Safety
6- Descents

7- Move front wheel
8- Move rear wheel
9- Balance with front wheel up
10- Jumping a step
11- Wheelies

12- Negative steps
13- Drop off
14- Jump
15- Jump a gap
16- Bounce on rear wheel
17- Wheelie up
18- Stoppies

19- Freeride with Yannick


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