Gas Gas In Husqvarna Deal

Gas Gas Motos,gas gas subheadline SA has reached an agreement with Moto Italia s.r.l., former Husqvarna Motorcycles s.r.l, to acquire their two and four stroke engine technology.

This transaction has take place with the approval of the Austrian KTM group who acquired the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand in early 2013. This proves the interest of KTM to reinforce the European motorcycles manufacturing environment.

The agreement includes the transfer and integration of technology in the R & D department of the Catalan brand, enabling it to manufacture in their Salt (Girona, Spain) four-stroke as well as the two-stroke engines, previously produced by Husqvarna Motorcycles s.r.l in Italy.

The development of this project will lead to further growth and expansion of the Gas Gas model range for the coming years.