British Ladies Round 3 Preview

The pressure will be on for British Ladies Trials Chbecky cook scarborough previewBecky Cookampion Emma Bristow this coming Sunday at Low North Park when Scarborough & District are set to play host to the third scoring round of the ACU Luscombe Suzuki Leeds British Ladies and Girls Trials Championship. The MRS Sherco teamster goes head to head with Isle of Wight former multiple champion Becky Cook. Both will have another contender joining the competition when Joanne Coles makes a welcome return to top level Trials. The Mansfield Maun JST Gas Gas teamster runs her plumbing and heating company and that governs when and where she competes. Even after a three year absence the former top international is right back on form, and Emma and Becky know where the challenge will emerge. Fryup teenager Nikita Smith is ranked third ahead of Chesterfield’s Jess Bown and long distance traveller Bronwyn Palmer from Perth. Coles has ridden once this year and finished third. Only seven adults compete in the title battle.


Woking’s Millie Ray will have a tough day trying to match Navenby’s Louise Alford who has won the opening events in the series. Bristol’s Victoria Payne is six championship points in arrears. In Class B Telford’s Alice Minta takes no prisoners. The auburn haired girl is just one bundle of energy and never gives up. She is currently three points up on Barnsley’s Megan Savage and seven championship ahead of Richmond’s Niamh Richardson and football teamster Gabby Whitham with the latter getting on well with her new SXS Jotagas.


Bisley girl Hannah Moore is on a maximum when she starts Scarborough. Will Ashington’s Amy Turpin close her down? The North East Centre youngster makes the results column every week along with Durham Inter contender Olivia Pearson.


Isle of Man Police Officer Saskia Baxter will be in arresting mode on Sunday ensuring her unbroken run of victories remains. Chorley graphic designer Charlotte Kimber is second on thirty points ahead of Gillingham’s Jennifer Stephen. Robyn Alderson took runner-up at South Shropshire. Caz Alford is on the way back after knee crucial ligament surgery. The clash in Girls Class A Inters will be interesting. Gargrave’s Francesca Tattersall won Shropshire and that victory has given her confidence but Durham’s Olivia Pearson is flying high in her own Centre so the results will be interesting.


The starting time is set for 10.00 am but expect variations as the Class A and B competitors also will assemble and be ready to come under starter’s orders.