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  1. Thanks guys. I'll let you know how it goes. The follow-up may be of use to someone else in the future.
  2. OK, thanks a lot for that. Not rocket science then! I assume that I can just drain the oil and fuel and flip the bike upside down for the surgery? That just leaves the issue of finding replacement parts. Anyone in the know on that front? Not going to start the repair until I have the bits to hand, as it's still (just about) rideable. Apparently, the chewed-off parts are removable from the arm with minimal force. Here's hoping that's true...
  3. Hi fellas. I have a late (ish, I think) chrome-framed 200 with a very sick swing arm. It looks like it's going to need sawing out, as the spindle seems fairly well seized in the sleeve. Does anyone know if the standard spindle was reused on the Majesty 200, or am I going to have a 'mare to source a new one post-op? Have contacted some of the likely sources of info, but not heard anything back yet... Also, there is apparently a good article describing the removal process in issue 2 of Classic Dirt Bike Magazine, which I'm keen to get hold of. Visiting the publishers site, of course the only issue now out of print is issue 2! Anyone have a copy they would either sell me or be prepared to photocopy the relevant pages? Thanks.