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  1. I am in Alberta, Canada and yes your right it was imported from Japan...thanks for the video link, those bikes had a slightly different silencer than mine. I wish I had plastic like that.
  2. I know this is an old thread, but did you find an air filter to fit? I need one as well for my 1988 TLM 250. I put new bottom end bearings in it last year but I am always looking for parts for it. I would appreciate any tips or leads on parts if anybody has any. Brad
  3. I am in Canada and looking for parts for my 88 TLM 250 F specifically crank bearings and seals to get me started. The bearing dealers here can only track down 1 bearing and one seal for me. I am interested in other parts as well but I need the bottom end bearings to get me going. Any help or a tip in the right direction is appreciated.