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  1. very very nice bike! Has it got a frame number on the yoke? Would be interesting to know if it has a low number like mine.
  2. Hey there, I have inherited a Honda TL with the Sammy miller high boy frame from my late father who was an avid bike collector. Anyway the bike has a Honda XL185 engine fitted with cdi stamped on it also. Engine number L185 se The bit im really interested in the frame number!! On the yoke I have stamped 267. Now from what the Sammy miller museum and honda trials history site says I can make out that between 1974-1980 a total of 750 frames were made. 500 of these were actually in full bike form. Having asked both the Sammy Miller museum (who still make the frames under licence)and the Honda trials history about frame number they have said to post on a trails forum and ask if anyone has a High boy frame with such a low number stamped on it? The new frames have a much longer frame number stamped on the them. It looks as though I have an original series one sammy miller frame/bike. So has anyone seen/own or know someone who owns a 70's honda tl with the high boy frame? At least then I can ask if they have a low frame number such as mine. Heres 2 videos of the said bike All and any help much appreciated. Thanks.