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  1. Try changing the gear box oil to ATF automatic gearbox oil. Warm the bike up afterwards, ride it for a while making sure you use the clutch a lot, and you should find that after 20-30 minutes use it will stop any clutch drag and prevent them sticking when not in use.
  2. Hi Gary, I beleive that PoBear`s pm`d you. Come along, it`ll be good to have some-one new to laff at ! Joking aside, get in touch with him and we can arrange a date between us so that we can all meet up for session on the bikes. Look forward to seeing you soon.
  3. Hi I`m in Brittany too area 22 near Bourbriac and a good friend of Pobears. I too have just got back into trilas riding for the first time in 16 years.............. Gawd it feels strange ! Just bought myself a 250 Scorpa with a long ride kit. Also got an old Fantic 240 Proffesional. We must all try and meet up for a play.
  4. Thanks for that, I`ll give it a go and post up if it`s cured the problem or not.
  5. Hi yawl, from beeeaaautiful sunny ( Yea....Right ! ) BRITTANY ! Just started trials riding again for the first time in over 16 years. I`ve bought myself a road registered Scorpa SY250 with a long ride kit. Rode it for the 1st time yesterday, goes well but with a slightly sticky clutch. ( I`ve posted the problem on the Scorpa forum page, so any help appreciated ). Looking forward to getting some serious practise in over the next few weeks.....Legs are aching already !
  6. Hi Guys, I`m new to the site. I`ve just bought a 2002 scorpa SY250. It runs really sweet but the clutch doesn`t dis-engage straight away when I pull the lever in. It continues driving, only for a second or two but it`s really annoying. I`ve run it until it`s warm, around half an hour, but it still does it. I don`t know what oil is in the gearbox but I have thought about trying a thinner g/box oil, something like ATF fluid, will that help. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions thoroughly appreciated. DrZed