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  1. Hi Yamfan The Fuel tap on my bike originally had a Reserve position along with a main position, as a result the holes to get two fuel lines in needed to be reduced to less than 2mm. My replacement that I made has only one position, the holes are large and the fuel line is very direct to the carb. I have "touch wood" no issues with the stator not making sparks at the spark plug. Only once did it not start when hot by the kick starter. I rolled down hill and bumped started and it fired within 1 wheel rotation, (it may be a bit like a weed-eater, two ignition circuits slow running and fast). I have noticed that the 2009 Sherco fuel settings are a little different to the 2011 Scorpa even though the engines and the carbs are the same (I think). I am wondering if I should have replaced or had worked on getting a new Stator just in case this is the issue. Late now for Warranty I suppose. As stated I like thgis bike and is light years ahead of the old 1973 TY250 I sold on purchasing this.
  2. Hi I am new to this forum, Lots of great information that has helped in locating and fixing a problem with my "new" bike. I have had this for 1 year and every time I went for a "long" ride the bike would run out of fuel when running at 3/4 to full throttle, riding between sections that are quite some distance apart. Stopping and waiting for a small moment the engine then slowly returned to its happy state. I had looked at float level, Jet sizes, and float jet size. none of these fixed the issue. I increased the float jet size from the factory 2.5mm to 3.0mm, no luck on running out of fuel. I the pulled the fuel tap off the tank and disassembled this and the plastic tube (that is the main) had a hole of 1.8mm down through it, this looked as if was the restriction I was looking for. I have made a new tap from a very small ball valve and some manufacturing, it now has a opening in the line to the carbie no smaller than 3.8mm. Something I have also noted the tap lies horizontal and then as such the reserve on the tap is pointless, It seems not a lot of thought has gone into the bike beyond getting them out and keeping the cost down. To date touch wood, all is running as I would have expected from the factory. The engine is one of those Sherco excess to their needs engines using one of those Delorto PBH26 carbies (I hope I have the numbers correct here). I must add I LOVE the bike, Steers Really great, Starts ALWAYS, Has lots and lots of Snot (more than the rider can always handle). I really hope this helps someone else in the same way the information here (mostly in the Sherco section) has helped me.