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  1. Here is a link where to buy in UK
  2. Hi everyone, we have a Oset 16 24v which my 9 year old girl and my 5 year old boy just love to ride,we have done the lipo conversion to it and makes it lighter and go for longer, My girl is out growing the bike ,but had a go on a friends Oset 20 thats the correct size for her and can ride no problem,she loved it , so looking around the last couple of months have seen the Mecatecno T14,looks a good design and lipos fitted as standard,not much info out there but hear they have good quality parts and well put together,also on the pictures i have seen looks like has real trials tyres, Has anyone got one,had a go on one,or even seen one, would like to hear any views on both bikes,and any info would be great, Thanks
  3. Hi gwhy thanks for the advice ,need to hook them up and will be ready to go, Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I have posted here before but ony just taken the plunge, my kids have a 16-24v 2011 oset, 2 x 12v 14ah 20hr SLA batteries my order arrived yesterday,all looks good 4X ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 6S1P 20C 1 x TURNIGY MEGA 400W V2 Lithium Polymer Battery Charger (Version 2) various leads plugs and connectors,and volt cell checker I have balance charged all 4 batteries,all cells 4.2v ,but not connected up before some final advice, What will be the best way to get the max run time from the 4X 6S1P connect a bank of 3 or all 4 in parallel just use 1 bank 2 in paralell then swap to next 2 when at 3.7v or 2 banks of 2 in series, linked in paralell or just 1 bank of 2 in series just want to get the best set up before we go out on sunday, all can be fitted in to bike protected and dry no problem, thanks guys
  5. Hi,thanks for the replys guys, have ordered a slow action throttle ,and will try the ignition timing see iff it suit me ,like you said just find comfort level, a few tweeks here and there and ill have it dialed in lol
  6. Hi,Sherco 290 2008,I got it about 3 months ago 1st trials bike, but riden friends trials bikes also had motocross and road bikes for 20 years,getting to grips with things or trying and progressing ok, Can anyone sugest any upgrades or mods tips or tweeks that are worth doing on the bike,must be some ,the bike is standard.anyone use a slow throttle or ,any susspensoin set up tips for a 12stone rider,etc,would be apprciated,also any problems to look out for with sherco or this model the bike was a good buy from a friend who kept it well maintained and low usage,reg oil changes and lubed up,runs really good, my kids got an oset electric trials so we go out to Low North Nr Scarborough when we can, Regards
  7. Hi,Thanks NineFives,mikeduffy,and frogger great reading the posts and some nice photo's of your work, so best to start off with ( 4 x 6S1P 5000 / 8000ma/ 15/25c, chargers ,various conectors and leads all from HK ),to repace 2 x 12V 14AH / 20HR, after reading all the ups and down with charging,mantainance and saftey also talking to a few clued up people,will be cautious and learn as i go, will be interested to read more on the low voltage alarms,do you have to take the voltage reading direct from the batts or can you get an overall reading fron the controller or the throttle ?,im new to these bikes so sorry if im way off the mark have been in all kinds of bikes for 20 yrs and in to to nitro 1/8 scale for a few years not racing only fun,must be something on the market that can be adapted to cut off when at dangerous levels, my 2 kids boy 5 girl 9,are light weight to say the least so i hope the will benefit with the wieght reduction and long ride time, Thanks again
  8. Hi, you Lads on here post some fantastic info, Reading all the posts on this topic is great info in to these little bikes,just got my kids the oset 16 24v 2011,they just love it, reading all the lipo upgrade info and looking at all the pics has me a bit confused, the batteries in the bike we got are 12V 14AH / 20HR can anyone recomend,the best set up or some help in building a set up, iff someone is building any would be great to hear from you,