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  1. surely your supposed to have some slight movement in the magneto? all bearings have slight play in them anyway. i have a tiny amount og play in the magneto end but nothing worth worrying about
  2. how much do you want for it? can always translate it on the good old google.
  3. what grade oil does it need?
  4. how much gear oil is needed and what grade for a 92 climber 280? i have a funny grinding noise from the engine as if the kickstart is being engaged when running. starts and rides perfect so dont think its anything major. was in a bit of a sorry state when i got it. so possibly may just need an oil change. now running it at 50:1 as previous owner told me 70:1 so decided to play on the safe side. any help including a manual would be hugely appreciated. thanks in advance guys
  5. have changed the plug and cleaned and oiled the airfilter as it was manky and now it runs like a dream. ticks over and runs perfect off choke with no probs
  6. does anyone know the correct spark plug i need for my 92 aprilia 280 climber? been told its a bp6evx? can i use the standard bp6es plug if this is the coeect one? its currently got a bp7es plug in it an d will not run properly without being on choke. will an incorrect plug cause this problem or do i have an air leak somewhere?????????
  7. my name is dave and i have just bought an aprilia 280 climber 1992. got a couple of issues with it. hope someone on here can help. it will only run on choke. as soon as you drop the choke off the revs die an dit wont tick over an the bike cuts out as if its getting no fuel. runs and pulls well on choke. been told its an air leak in the rubber pipe that attatches the carb to the engine? i have a spare one of hese and a whole host of other spares inculding a virtually complete engine. does anyone think that it is just the pipe or is ther another under lying problem????????????????