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  1. thanks a lot for the reply. Someone asked about the date on the photos and he explained that they are current... the date was just wrong on his camera. Regarding the corrosion on the rear wheel I'm not sure if you clicked on the pictures to view the larger size, but the rim is actually a bronze colour. I will ask him about corrosion though. $1200 was actually the price I had in mind, but I may be prepared to go higher after a couple more days of thinking about it
  2. Hi guys, I have been looking around for a dirt bike and came across this for sale on a local (New Zealand) site : TradeMe - TY350 I wasn't specifically looking for a trials bike, but thought this would make a very versatile bike being light and also having enough power for normal riding. We already have a KDX200, so I like the idea of a bike that is a contrast to that. I was hoping someone a bit more knowledgeable could tell me what things to check for before buying. Also, because I want to be able to go on fun rides and the like, would someone know what range I should expect from the small fuel tank ? Is a larger fuel tank available, or is one off another model compatible (I apologise if this is blasphemous to trials guys) ? thanks