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  1. Yes there is, After seating it, there still seems to be play in the damper unit after fully tightening the bolt. Can't work it out.
  2. The Damper unit is fully out of the leg. The main problem is tightening the bolt at the bottom of the leg to enable me to put the oil in.
  3. Hi Guys, I was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me a brief description of how to rebuild the right fork leg on a 2007 Sherco. Been having a few problems re-assembling the fork. Cheers.
  4. Does anyone know the order in which the spring and spacers go back in?
  5. I have a 2007 sherco and it has little parts of red on it. I thought it might look good but on the other hand blue might look better.
  6. Thanks ill do it now.
  7. Thanks very much. Ill do my best to get the part names right. The bolts i would like are those that surround the crankcase and water pump cover . And also those that surround the flywheel cover. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Thanks for the help. Im after red ones if possible. Do you know which bolts will fit best to a sherco?
  9. Whoops, Thanks for that.
  10. Hi All, Does anybody know where i could purchase some anodised bolts for my sherco because i can't seem to find them anywhere? Thanks
  11. Im looking to spend about
  12. Thanks for that, ill give it a try
  13. Hi all, I have a problem with my brakes and i was just wondering wether you could help me out. The problem is that my back brake is hardly working at all. The pads are fine but there is a chance someone may have got wd40 on the back disc Can anyone think of a solution? Thanks.
  14. Hi All, Yesterday i heard that in 2007 sherco will be producing a 125 Cabestany Rep. Has anyone else heard this and do you know if it is true? Thanks.
  15. i cant wait for the 07 sherco. At the moment i have a 04 sherco so in october time, its time for a new bike for me.