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  1. First Cup today, enjoyed by all
  2. I'm happy that I went with 16. Kids grow so fast, few months later and its perfect size now First Oset Cup this weekend. Anyone else from here in Herts on Sunday? Need to buy and fit lanyard on Sat as the one i had from my exc is working in opposite way... Any links to fitting instructions?
  3. The wait is over... first ride on 16r today
  4. Thanks Guys! I'm changing plan every minute. Today he had a go on friends' 12.5r. Lots of fun, amazing little bike. Looks too small but i guess that's OK for trial riding?
  5. That is the question, I can not decide so please help if you had similar problem when choosing the first bike for your child. He is on his second push bike already on "16 wheels. Prefers to rides bigger now. He will hold the weight of oset16 when stationary at the shop, but not sure he will manage in slow turns or over obstacles. 12.5 seems too small but sales person at the shop advice is to get 12 for him for one year. Unfortunatelly can not find anywhere he could try both near London. He was on Kuberg trailE at bike show but that was too tall.
  6. Hello Moto

    Hi All. I'm into supermoto and mx but, always wanted trials bike. Will probably get one soon as getting one for my lad now.