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  1. Tiger cub clutch adjustment

    Thanks Guys. Any advice on how to do the overall adjustment given I don't have an inspection window on the gearbox side cover?
  2. Tiger cub clutch adjustment

    Hello, I wanted to know the correct procedure for adjusting the clutch on my 1958 Tiger Cub. In a previous post on this forum, I found the following: Release the cable at the handlebar lever Turn the central adjuster in the pressure plate clockwise gently until I feel the clutch arm touch the outer cover. Turn the central adjuster 1/2 turn anti clockwise then tighten the lock nut. This gives around 1/2mm free play. Re fit the cable at the handlebar lever and adjust to suit - again a little bit of slack. I then only tighten the 3 clutch springs enough for their heads to clear the inside of the primary cover, but I check that the lift is even using a dial test indicator ('engineers clock')I aim to get the variation at full lift within 0.25mm However, per bullet #2, I cannot "feel the clutch arm touch the outer cover" because their is no inspection window on early cubs. To install a new cable, you have to remove the casing. For context, my initial problem was a REALLY stiff clutch, so I removed the primary side cover but found the friction plates to be good. However, the clutch springs were slightly under their min tolerance (39-42mm) so I ordered 3 new ones. I also ordered a new clutch operating rod because the end that touches the adjuster screw was worn off on one side. So, once I get the parts I will reinstall and need to know how to adjust properly. Oh, what is the best routing for the clutch cable? Mine comes under the tank, down to the primary chain (almost touches it?) and then under the swing arm to the clutch operating arm/casing. I'm wondering if the angle is too extreme and contributing to the stiffness of the clutch? Thanks in advance for your advice. Dave.
  3. Hello from LA!

    Hi Folks, My name is Dave Haynes and I live in Los Angeles. I have a 1958 T20C and am looking forward to picking your brains on keeping it running. Dave.