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  1. TY175 jets

    Thanks guy's I will leave well enough alone then. There is a short flat spot at the begining of a rev and thought it might be related.
  2. TY175 jets

    Hi Guys I was on here recently with a query regarding ty forks and you were so helpful I am back now with another query. I have stripped down the cylinder on my recently bought TY175 and found the piston head stamped with 68. I am assuming this means it has been rebored to 68mm. If so what other alterations should I be looking for or carrying out to go with the rebore. ie; should the jets be bigger and if so what size and any other alterations?
  3. ty 175 wrong forks?

    Thanks tony27. Does that mean i could fit one of those hubs to my existing TY175 twinshock front wheel?
  4. ty 175 wrong forks?

    Thank you very much guys. That's all been very helpful. I assumed the forks would have been off a twin shock as I was told it was a 1977 reg and I didn't think monos were around then so I assumed would be a straight swap. So as you say markParrish and Pschrauber I can fabricate or get a bracket made. That looks relatively easy and as an ex engineer I can get that done one way or another. I will probably heath robinson something up temporarily with jubilee clips so I can see what sort of a problem the turning circle is as you say feetupfun. And then make a decision on a permanent solution. I dont really want to change the tank for nostalgic reasons. Or I could sell this front end on and look for a twinshock 250 front end. Hmmm does anyone need a ty250 monoshock front end (year unknown) ? Thanks again for your help.
  5. ty 175 wrong forks?

    Hi. i bought a set of TY250 forks to fit to my TY175. The problem is they don't have the lug on the fork that retains the arm that holds the brake drum in place. I thought the forks were inter-changeable but obviously certain TY250's had different forks.Can any one advise how to get these to fit. If I need a new wheel or drum to match does anyone know what specific TY variation these forks are from. My TY175 is a 1976 american market edition. bought as a non runner and now working fine. these forks are apparently from a 1977 TY 250. I am a complete novice, I'm just getting back into bikes after a very long lay off and hopefully into some trials once bike is sorted and i've got some practice in. I attach some photos and would be very grateful for any help.