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  1. Hi, i bought this bike last week for some extra parts. first i thought somebody did put some big wheels on a ty80 but when i looked closer i found out that also the frame and swingarm have some strange sizes. the frame has a 451 number so that must be a ty80 ( or am i wrong here?) but it's bigger than a normal ty80 and there is a space between the engine and the frame ( see pictures). the swingarm also looks original but it's to long!?? does anybody know if this is a standard factory frame/bike? or is the frame hand made/wasted? thanks D.
  2. wow!!!.....that's so good!!! well, can you send me a picture or anything about the mk1 ( if it is a mk1 in the first picture) anything where i can see how it looked when it was new. ( The one i have has a chrome fuel tank(see picture), is that original? and from which year is the mk1? thnks.....A LOT!!!! Derk
  3. he thank for the quick reply. this pictures are from a mk2 thats a newer model. different swing arm different wheel sizes etc. im looking for the mk1. but its nice to see a whitehawk anyway thanks Derk ow, can you mail that last picture ( i can't click it) because i want to see how the rear break leaver is attached.
  4. Hi, im looking for some info about a ty80 whitehawk (mk1) i bought one and i want to restore it. ( bought it in parts) there is almost nothing to find on the net about it so if any one has atleast a picture of it or a brochure or anything else, i would be very happy. cheers Derk