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    Knaus Deseo Transport Plus A specialist caravan for people with big sports gear twin axle full suspension and stabiliser full size lifting rear door to load area for easy ramp loading and providing sheltered outdoor work area sleeps two above two trials bikes on height adjustable permanent full-size double bed. Can also carry motorbikes. c.3m long load area with tie downs. Carries over 500kg plenty of tie down points sleeps four with bikes outside table and seating for four (or six if friendly!). Seating foods away into side of van for loading bikes. Turns into second double bed. Top double has safety nets if needed for little kids table can be used outside Excellent lighting kitchen fridge (gas and electric) loo gas heating loads of storage for food gear etc happy to arrange viewings near York currently on eBay and gumtree Trials events in comfort! We have not used this for trials biking but we have family members who love trials biking weekends and we think it's perfect for weekend events. Carry your bikes and be warm and comfortable too! The pics with bikes are stock photos. Sorry this sale doesn't include a ramp (or bike!) Purchased new in May this year and reluctant sale. Due to illness we need the cash. Manufacturers five year warranty runs from May 2018 and is transferable. German built but British sockets etc.