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  1. No death wish. I go 210 and am pretty strong. That said I hate being underpowered! My other bike is a 1200 Sportster with some performance improvements. When you convert an 883 to a 1200 you get a 1200 that is geared pretty low. So it is quite the monster too. I am going to change the gears (pulleys) this winter. I am ready to slow it down a bit and get a little more cruise speed. I am going to have to stop talking about all this. In NY the season is all but over (unless you like riding with winter golves on).
  2. I was looking for a first bike and the price was right. It's been so long that I can't remember what the shop said the actual engine size was. I believe it was a 400 or 450 or something that was bored out with new piston and such as it got older. Needless to say for a first dirtbike it was a bit much! The whole first summer I spent trying to keep the front wheel on the ground. Every summer after that I just went with it. If my buddy (XR400) and I were really get on it in the woods I would just accept that if you accelerate out of a corner your going to do it on one wheel. The second year is when things got fun. We started going up things that were pretty rediculous (hill climb stuff). Jumping like crazy. Then we got to the stuff we could do in the yard without riding miles and miles. That was wheelies, endos stoppies whatever you call them when you stand her up on the front wheel, and one of my favorites LOGS! We would drag a big ole log out with the tractor and see how many different ways we could clear it. Wheely up to it and roll over, bounce the front tire and hit it with the back tire and gas for a little jump, intentionally get hung on it and see who could get off. Now that you are picturing all that. My bike is liquid cooled from 1986 I think. I have had the bike for so long I don't even remember. So it weighs a ton. The brakes aren't crap. In order to get up on the front tire I have to compress the suspension, grab the bike with my feet, hold the front brakes as hard as I can and throw myself over the handlebars. And then I can only stand it up for a second as a stop. None of this get up on the tire and ride 10 feet or anything. Anyway I love to ride. My boy (10)loves to ride but I think I would have more fun in the yard with him if I had a lighter bike to "screw around" with. So trials sounds cool! That is a little about me and the beast and why I want to try trials. I will have to see if I can find a picture of me with the bike and post a link. It is a tank compared to the trials bikes I have been looking at.
  3. Oh yeah and speking of a small world........ I was born in Detroit Michigan where I lived until I was 3 and we moved to Olean. I have family all over the state (Detroit, Holland, lakes of the north). just thought that was an interesting aside.
  4. Thanks Biff! Now I am really excited. I will definately look more into the links you gave me. When and where did you buy your bike in Olean. How long ago did you leave. I have lived in Hinsdale, Ischua, or Olean pretty much for the last 27 years (since I was 3).
  5. My bad! I live in SouthWestern NY (not city). Actually pretty close to the PA border in a town called Olean (14760). I ride an old Husqvarna 480 two stroke! Love that bike but it is time to move on and instead of getting another regular dirtbike I don't ride much I am thinking of moving to trials!
  6. I am new to the forum. I have been thinking of taking up trials for a while now and think this spring will be the one. One of the main reasons is it doesn't thrill me to ride circles in the lawn with my son. Now don't get me wrong any time on the bike is fun and I love watching him ride but I think I might enjoy it more if I could screw around with obstacles more. Anyway. Where do you go to find out what kind of events are in your area? Is there any good info on the web to start learning techniques before you actually get a bike? Thanks all!