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  1. Got sent this today from Ian at oset, will come in handy for someone.
  2. Cheers Gwhy, last one I think, this is the charging port thats just piggy backed onto the other wires, Is there any problem just sticking them straight onto the battery so I have a off bike charging kit ? The wires are really skinny I take it that must be ok ? Like this but obviously on the terminals...
  3. Cheers gwhy you have been a real help, I appreciate it. Now I need to start sorting the wiring out, the fuse holder, this is the one I need isnt it ?...
  4. Fixed The new relays main wires were on opposite ends (to the old one) at the plug side, I don't know why they swapped the ends round on the new connectors, really stupid idea surely ? Anyway dug the old relay out and had a good look at it while looking at the old pics and noticed so swapped the 2 cables around on the relay and its now working again.
  5. This one ? These two both connected to the keyswitch before I removed it.
  6. Its a bit stripped down but there's no reason why this shouldn't work like this as far as I know ?
  7. Just made up some new wires for the rest of it so every things brand new now, removed the charging function to see if that was it, still nothing, I've fired of a email to sandfords asking about there relay because that's the only thing it can be now.
  8. hmm just looking around and I see there are 2 different relays for the oset... 2006/2007 model 2008 model My orginal one was the 2008 pictured, sandifords only lists one and it doesn't seem to have any markings on.
  9. New relay in and still nothing.
  10. Ok cheers gwhy, Ordered a new relay so if it is that I'm going to see if I can send everything else back for a refund. I have read something about opening the relay up and forcing the pin across but sounds dangerous so Ill just wait for the new relay.
  11. I've connected the relay wire straight to the controller wire eliminating the keyswitch just until I get this sorted. Knowing nothing about electronics can the relay not just be replaced with a 24v switch ?
  12. Ok soldered all the wiring but still nothing arghhhhh, ripped the fuse casing apart, everythings ok, replaced with a new one just incase still nothing. Maybe sandifords sent me a dodgy relay ? what are chances of that you think, are they robust ?
  13. Cheers gwhy, stuck the wires straight onto the battery from the controller and the lights came on , keyswitch, relay and fuse is all brand new so it must be a connector in one of them, ive gave each one a tug and nothings loose or even wobbles, gonna rip the connectors off em all and solder all the wires together.
  14. Well battery's replaced, still nothing, plug the charger in and the light goes green after 5 mins saying its finished charging, re-checked all the wiring everythings connected good. The only thing left is the motor. I'm debating cutting all the wires and joining them with solder to eliminate any connectors, good idea ? Can I unplug the motor just to see if the lights come on ?