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4-stroke Guzzi Trial

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Hello Mike,

There are 2 trial Stornello's in Holland as far as I know, and I spotted a "German" Stornello at the Sleen Trial last year.

I will not be at Baarlo, I started last Saturday in Arnhem but I'm hopelesly out of shape and had to stop (and I'm allready a modest trialist :>)

So I'll compete again next year, after more training, and probably on my Fantic 125 1978.

The Guzzi is all sorted and has been at the Dynojet testbank last month for final adjustment of the carburator.

I mainly used it for training, and two or three trials in Holland (sand and grass).

The bike is to powerfull for me in competition in sand and I'm offering it for sale/swap in Holland at the moment.

I'm looking for a swap with a very tidy Yamaha TY175/250 or Fantic 200. I won't get the money back I invested but it's a shame to keep the bike in stock just to have an occasional look at it.

I'm also open to (swap)offers from the UK or Germany.

Kind regards,

Arie from Holland.

@TY 250 NL(Arie),

we went last weekend to the Plonkers Trial(Eurocup)in Arnhem and there was also one of your countryman competing on a stornello(4speed)i think he rode a Enfield before.There was also a guy on a SWM framed Kawasaki.Nice Bike.I have a few friends in Italy they ride Stornellos.They have ridden the Manx 2 Day Classic and the Jersey 2 Day with these bikes.Very Competitiv.We also have a few here in Germany riding these little Guzzis.

By the way are you coming to Baarlo on the 17th of October?


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