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Hello All

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I wouldn't say that I am new to trials, but I have only been riding motorcycles for about a year and a half, and I have been riding trials for about a year. My first motorcycle was a 1978 yamaha IT 175, and I still have it. I ride a 1999 Beta Techno 250, and it seems to be doing well for an older bike, but i am looking for something newer. I go and ride every chance I get (when my bike isn't broken or being worked on). I have cracked the swingarm, the rear wheel has been broken, and i have broken a set of bars. I dont know if that is a lot that has happened in the past year, but it seems like every old bike has problems. I ride in the ameature class, and am considering moving up to intermediate, but i think i need a newer bike to keep up. that is a lot about me, but it pretty much sums up what i have done in trials so far.

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