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Quick newbie question

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Hi guys! Can anyone confirm whether this is actually the 2018 model? (LINK) My friend says its not but the sales representative claims that it is. I've been burned before and I want to take all precautions before going any further with this dealer.
Thanks and happy riding!

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Frame number.

ZD4 is the european code for aprillia. The next 3 digits are the model , ie RS4.  The next 3 digits signify special extras ( like paints or special models). The tenth digit is then the year of manufacture. For you , this would be an 8 (18?).The next 6 digits are the unique code for your bike.  

For example - ZD4RS40006000001. This would be the first standard RS4 made in 2006.  Hope that helps.

Always ask a dealer or seller for the actual date of manufacture.  This is a good way of ensuring they are on the level - and possibly have paperwork to go with the bike , or at least some kind of reference (and class!).


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