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  1. dabba

    Beta 200 levers

    The forged Apico levers fit AJP and Braktec master cylinders (6mm pivot pin) using the supplied plastic bushes, and Grimeca master cylinders (8mm pivot pin) when you remove the plastic bushes. You should also check the pivot pins on your master cylinders, if they are worn you can buy new pins from Beta UK.
  2. While you’ve got the clutch cover off, check the round kick start idler gear which sits behind the clutch basket. They get damaged, and need to be replaced fairly frequently. A damaged gear can make a noise similar to your bike. There will probably be more swarf on the filler plug magnet than the drain plug magnet. Failing that, it could well be the small end bearing.
  3. The crack in the frame is only going to get worse the more the bike is used. You would be better talking nicely to the Beta importer and seeing if they’re willing to help (bearing in mind that your bike is over 10 years old), or buy a second hand frame from a 2010 onwards model. It doesn’t take long change everything from one frame to the other.
  4. I had the same problem with a clutch master cylinder on a 2017 Evo. The piston was sticking in the master cylinder bore, I had to remove the hose and use a screwdriver to push it out. I put a new piston kit in which lasted about 9 months until the same thing happened again. I suspect that the rubber piston seals are swelling up over time and causing the piston to stick, as there's no evidence of damage to the metal part of the piston or the master cylinder bore. I’ve just replaced the master cylinder with a new one which is working fine.
  5. I’ve seen this on a new Evo before. There was slight play in the headstock even after tightening the stem nut on to the top yoke (obviously after the top yoke pinch bolts had been slackened). There was not enough adjustment on the threaded stem to remove the play. I contacted Beta UK who said that some of the Evos were fitted a shim washer between the top yoke and the inner race of the top tapered bearing. I used a 20x35x1 washer, Beta part number 00277348 which sorted the problem.
  6. The cylindrical plastic spacer can get stuck in the fork tube. Leave the conical spacer out, back off the preload adjuster screw, put the top nut on a couple of threads and push down hard a few times on the fork against the spring. You should hear a clunk when the spacer moves. Chamfer the outer leading edges of the cylindrical plastic spacer before you refit it, but it’ll no doubt need the same technique to remove it the next time you do your fork seals. You’ll get a shock if you price new plastic spacers from Beta!
  7. Hi Stuart, a lanyard kill switch is a direct replacement for the original kill switch which was fitted to your bike. Disconnect the original kill switch and connect the two wires from the lanyard switch into the same connectors in the wiring loom. You might have to change the connectors on the lanyard kill switch to match the loom connectors, or solder the wires together. It doesn’t matter which way round the lanyard wires are connected, as the kill switch shorts out the coil live feed to earth.
  8. dabba

    Childs Helmet

    It’s very unusual to have scrutineering at trials events, other than ACU Championships and bigger events like the Scott, the Reeth 3 Day, etc.
  9. dabba

    Childs Helmet

    I’ve attached the wording regarding helmets for trials from the ACU 2018 handbook, TSR12 and also the ACU helmet advice. There is no requirement listed for an ACU sticker on a trials helmet, only that it is road legal. Most trials helmets comply with EC22-05 Homologation standards. There is a tag on the helmet strap to show that the helmet has passed the EC22.05 standard.
  10. Gore-tex products need to be machine washed and tumble dried to maintain their water repellant qualities. https://www.gore-tex.co.uk/gore-tex-wash-instructions
  11. It was only the Rev 3s which had this problem as they were fitted with a magnesium alloy outer casing. The Evos have aluminium alloy casings so don’t have corrosion issues with this casing.
  12. dabba

    Edge tank bag

    I think this is the one you’re looking for: https://jbanyeres.com/en/chassis/2601-bolsas-sobre-deposito-universales-para-moto-de-trial.html
  13. dabba

    Shifting issues

    It sounds like it could be a broken gear lever return spring to me.
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