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    Hebo Trial Tech Comp boots, UK size 10.5, EUR size 45. These boots have never been worn. They are Hebo’s premium boots and use the Boa cable closure system instead of straps and buckles. The boots are made using 2.4 to 2.6 mm PU coated leather and are 30% lighter than other trials boots. Grab a bargain, the RRP is £300. Price includes free UK delivery.

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  2. coolant/oil seal issue on beta evo 2011

    It was only the Rev 3s which had this problem as they were fitted with a magnesium alloy outer casing. The Evos have aluminium alloy casings so don’t have corrosion issues with this casing.
  3. Edge tank bag

    I think this is the one you’re looking for: https://jbanyeres.com/en/chassis/2601-bolsas-sobre-deposito-universales-para-moto-de-trial.html
  4. Shifting issues

    It sounds like it could be a broken gear lever return spring to me.
  5. Jitsie killswitch help

    The kill switch just shorts out the two wires, so it doesn't matter which wire on the kill switch goes to which on the wiring loom, as long as you connect both. Either cut the connectors off the kill switch, and crimp on the correct terminals, or bare all 4 wires, twist the pairs together, ideally solder them, and insulate with heatshrink or insulating tape.
  6. Paioli Fork leaking

    In the top photo, it looks like you’ve got the wavy wire clip wedged between the seal and fork stanchion. It’s meant to fit around the groove on the inside of the fork slider.
  7. Jumping out of 2nd Gear

    It happens because the bike is not going into second gear properly. I've found that this is usually caused by the clutch dragging slightly even with the lever pulled fully in to the bars. Bleed the clutch to make sure that there is no air in the clutch hydraulic system, and it’s worthwhile trying a different gear oil from the one you’re currently using.
  8. Newbi from bellshill Honda to 125

    Hi Matt, there is a practice venue south west of Glasgow, between Neilston and Dunlop. It’s open every Saturday and has great facilities including a workshop, toilets and a cafe serving home made food. There are always friendly members on site who will give you advice and encouragement. Search for Bob MacGregor Trials Academy on facebook, you don’t need a facebook account.
  9. 2014 evo fork oil

    Beta do recommend a 7.5 weight fork oil, but most people, including myself use 5 weight oil.
  10. lanyard woes

    Apico make two types of lanyards, one for petrol bikes which is normally open circuit with the magnet applied, and switches to closed circuit when the magnet is removed. This type has a black grommet where the wire enters the switch housing. The Oset type Apico lanyard is normally closed circuit with the magnet applied, and switches to open circuit when the magnet is removed. This type has a red grommet where the wire enters the switch housing. The top picture is the petrol engine type, the bottom picture is the Oset type with the red grommet.
  11. 4T sidestand options

    The 4T sidestand bracket is in stock at Beta UK.
  12. Convert a beta 125 to a 200 or 250

    If you’re thinking about the SSDT, the Beta 125 is a great bike and more than capable of completing the event. I know a few youths who have finished the SSDT and Scott trials on Beta 125s with excellent results. If you’re looking at increasing the capacity after the event, it’s much easier and more cost effective to sell the 125 and buy a bigger bike. You could also look at hiring a 125, but it isn’t cheap, and you get little time on the bike before the event.
  13. Evo 300 4T - rear suspension screw

    You should be able to undo the top shock mounting bolt and turn the top of the shock through 180 degrees as trapezeartist says. If there’s not enough room, try dropping the swinging arm down until you can rotate the shock, or move the airbox back.
  14. Evo 300 4T - rear suspension screw

    It should be just in front of the airbox, at the point where the shock bolts on to the frame. On the earlier bikes, you can get to it by removing the rear mudguard. On the later models, it can be reached by removing the air filter cover. Adjust with a spanner, clockwise to increase damping.
  15. Best Foot Pegs

    I fit the Apico ones with the grub screws to our Betas. They don't have an adjustable angle, but they fit pretty much every modern trials bike.