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Hills Of Pelham Trial, Fonthill Ontario


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Saturday after the trial:

TdN Fund Raising Dinner

Please join us for an awesome Pasta Dinner to raise money for our Canadian TdN Team

Saturday, August 29th

at the Trials site, Fonthill

Menu will include:

Roast Chicken

Penne with Tomato Sauce

Gourmet Meatballs


Fresh Buns



Children under 10 ~ $10

To reserve your tickets please contact Jean at:


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A bit of Fonthill trials history

First trial that I rode on my Yamaha 100 trail bike June 15, 1975.

Total of 112 riders!

15 sections!

6 laps! (not all riders in all sections)

At least 14 riders from New York and Pennsylvania.

Bike brands in attendance Bultaco Yamaha Kawasaki Cotton Suzuki Montesa Honda Wassell Ossa Hodaka DKW Zundapp.

Last Fonthill Trial that I have a results sheet on May 16, 1982.

Total of 65 riders including at least 14 that are regularly competing today.

See you there!

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