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From Ontario Canada


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Well its time to move on from trails and moto cross and into something new I think, and Trials it is. I have my kx450f posted for sale so that I can pick up a trials bike and start learning. It seems I just dont have time anymore to commit an eitire day to riding on a regular basis, and think that trials is the way to go. I will be able to ride in the woods behind and around my house without trailering, and have a feeling that after an hour of riding I will be beat anyways.

So I joined here to learn a bit about the bikes and start shopping. I think I will be looking for a mid 2000 250cc 2 stroke. I weight 160 geared plus gear and that way I can still do short trail jonts if needed.

Looking foward to soaking up some info on this site and if you have something for sale that I might be interested in shoot me a message


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Hi Trav,

We have three trials events left this season, Gravenhurst September 24, Raymond (close by) September 25 and St George on October 16. There are also a number of CVMG trials that are great for a new-to-trials rider. You can see all the flyers and schedule at www.trialsontario.ca. Some bikes for sale listed on www.trialsontario.ca and www.trialscanada.com.

Hope to see you out soon!


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