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  1. Thank you for the fantastic photos.As i said before the bike is a credit to you! If okay with you i will send PN if and when i need more information. Cheers Darrel
  2. Thanks you so much,is it possible i can have some more photogrsphs please?Id like to see the bike from all angles.Cheers
  3. Thank you nh014. The info you supplied is very useful and much appreciated. Regards darrel
  4. Thank you so much for the information and photos. Im new to this Bultaco forum,so if you have any more photos or any relevant info on the 221,as i beleive this is quite a rare model.Your bike is a credit to you,looks fantastic!Any info will be greatly appreciated as i have little knowledge on this model . Kind regards darrel
  5. hi, could anyone please tell me the blue color for a bultaco 175 221, grabber blue or ral 5015.