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  1. Still scratchin my head on this disc situation, I stripped the rear end down and removed swing arm to give it a good clean and fresh grease. When putting everything back together I fitted the caliper and then screwed on the special nut that the caliper slides on should I have put this nut on before the caliper.
  2. Cheers Bill I put the spacers back the right way, the wider spacer is on the sprocket side. If it was the other way the chain would be running at an angle. It needs an extra 3-4mm on the disc side.
  3. Im having a problem with the disc rubbing on the guard on 99 techno. Thinking about it now does the big washer sit between the nut and snail cam or between the caliper and wheel. Ive currently got it between the nut and cam when I tighten the nut the disc is binding on the disc cover. I've fitted new bearings 6004's, I cant think why its no going back together, any one got any ideas what Im missing. Cheers Matt