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  1. Thanks charlie the funeral takes place at stourbridge crem on thurs 13th at 2.10 then on to hadcroft inn at new farm rd lye casual clothes plz (dad hated suits )donations are to be divided between stroke association and the A M C A benevolent fund many Thanks the HIPKINS xx
  2. just thought you might be interested dad has put a video on youtube it`s under spritemotorcycles (all one word) hope you enjoy all the best steve
  3. Hi charlie yes sprite did support Arthur Dovey and many more .
  4. hi jack the lad dad (frank hipkin) sed theres no difference on the 64/65 models. All early viller engined sprites from 64 on had the twin down tube. the official sachs and zundapp engined sprites the down tubes were wider then the later 250/405 sprites own engines were a singel down tube i hope this as helped you all the best steve
  5. Thanks charlie dad said hello.Concerning the 405 trials it won the french championship and steve fox of the midland centre loved his so i think its personal prefrence .
  6. in the early days dad (frank hipkin)used AMC forks, then when those ran out he designed, made and sold the leading link. then they tried the mp forks which were no good then ron humphry came down and asked dad to test the r.e.h fork which sprite used, then further down the line sprite made and produced their own forks wheel hubs at their foundry.