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  1. Bingo!, GG GasGas TXT 300 starting problem solved. Have 5 hours on a new 2011 GG and was getting frustrated with the random amount of kicks it took to start cold or hot. After re-jetting to 40 pilot 114 main for +2500ft altitude, left the needle clip 3 down and plugs NGK BPR5ES, BOSCH WR8DCX,CHAMP RN11YC4 .024 GAP all with no difference in starting. Spoke to 2 GG dealer experts and no one mentioned nor is it written down anywhere that the choke only works throttle closed, DOH! Found a thread by Lowbrow mentioning it. Did 3 cold starting cycles and 2 out of 3 were 1st kick. Hot it seems to like no choke and slight crack of the throttle. Though it sounds like all big Gassers need a stand up gorilla kick. A real impressive high compression log jumper. Thanks fellers!