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  1. Thanks for that guys - puts a bit more of an optimistic light on things lineaway. I'll report back when looked at.
  2. Hello, new here and, like most newbies, looking for advice and reassurance! Coming back from a great day's greenlaning on my newly purchased 2000 250 Pampera, it decided to lose all but first and second gear. As you can imagine, this left me going pretty slow, so slow in fact that I got pulled by a police bike for loitering! Luckily all road legal (although he did look askance at my parpy bulb horn) so no probs. I put my hands up that I was being a bit 'robust' with the gearchanges - the lever was a bit stiff anyway. I assume I've bent/broken something. I'm going to pull the clutch and have a look at the shifting mechanism which I believe is behind the clutch but if that's OK then it's inside we go to check the selector forks and other gubbins. Before I do, anyone got any ideas as to most likely cause? It will reluctantly change between first and second but refuses to go any higher and it did sometimes jump out of second. Also, how much of a job is an engine split for a semi-competant DIY mechanic? Now the other issue I have is an annoying one: As soon as I got it I treated it to a fresh dose of good quality ATF. But HOW MUCH AM I SUPPOSED TO PUT IN?? One Gas Gas dealer (knowing this is the 'old', non-Pro engine) told me 350ccs (which I went with). But then the US GG site says 650ccs, now I've just had another GG dealer tell me 850ccs! Anyone got a definitive answer or is this an ancient mystery that Tom Hanks should make an(other) rubbish movie about? Just to emphasise, this is a 250, 2000 registered Pampera (which I believe is the same engine as the trials models) with no sight glass and a removable seperate clutch cover. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hello, Simon from Wiltshire here. Just got a little Gaa Gas for green laning and to hopefully dip my toe into the world of trials. Happy to be here.