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  1. well boys and girls ive not got around to it yet,but hopefully over the christmas hols im gonna make a start,i have done a few other mods,new home built rear subframe with lower pegs, lower second gear and higher top gear full rebore and piston giving 118cc refurbed head so well see how we go.
  2. so does it only have two mountings for the engine,on the frame?And how does the bash plate attach?
  3. Ive just fitted the upb gear kit to my cub,works a treat the second gear is low enough for hill climbs,and the 4th is high enough to not rev the knackers off the bike between stages. Regards Dan
  4. Not that i need one yet,but i hear talk that a lot of people when getting a rebore are opting for a kawasaki piston. What piston is it and what bike was it originally used on,just for future reference as i believe it will come in hondy for future reference. Regards Dan
  5. Yes please,that would be great and would be much appreciated. regards Dan
  7. I have for a while been experiencing false neutrals on my tiger cub gearbox ,has anyone else had this problem,what was the fix ?
  8. if thats the case and its gonna bend a five mm compound bent piece of alloy and a engine mount,surely itll bend a single piece of alloy and screw it any way?
  9. I have just been looking on the bsa otter site and you can attach the bottom mount to the bash plate,easy fix,saves a lot of messing about think im gonna go in that direction
  10. Ah but i love the cub,its only because i like tinkering.,As for oil feed, either leave as is or you could recess it if its a real worry,but i dont personally see its a problem. Regards Dan
  11. Just been thinking about the third engine mount,what is ti stop me chopping the original down,and creating a slipper that would be welded,bolted to the bash plate(a bit like how modern forks retains the disk on a front wheel brake plate),thus giving three planes of location? Would that create any problems? regards Dan
  12. why do it,really,because i can and i enjoy doing this stuff,its my bike and i like to try different things on it, Ive seen it done on some frames, the lug on the gearbox,yes now i would need to do that,as for the Scottish issue,it isn't a problem,im in Yorkshire and ride in north lincs,problem solved. No real problems i can see so far. regards Dan
  13. Can anyone suggest a reason why it would be a bad idea to chop the down tube on a cub frame and replace with a thick sumpgaurd (as in how the upb and armac design frames are configured). Obviously id have to keep the frame straight while attempting this operation. I would hopefully have a 5mm pre formed alloy bash plate made and replace bottom of downtube with this,can anyone suggest any downfallls pitfalls to this operation.
  14. can anyone please advise on the configuration of the felt seal and retainer on a cub, or provide a diagram,is it oil seal,felt seal,retainer then bearing,or as my manual suggests just two oil seals?
  15. can anyone tell me in which order the felt seal on a cub gearbox is applied,or provide a drawing,is it,oil seal,felt seal,retainer then bearing?or can i just use two oil seals?